Why should you service your wheelchair?

It is very important to take good care of your wheelchair. Keeping it maintained will extend the life span of the wheelchair and minimize the posibilities of breakdowns, and prevent injuries. When you purchase a wheelchair, you will receive a good idea about a maintenance schedule for the wheelchair and it will also include warranty details. If your wheelchair is used outdoor frequently is will require a service more often.

How do you determine how often a service is needed for your wheelchair?

There are a few questions to ask yourself to determine how often a service is needed for your wheelchair. There are a few factors that will determine how often a service is needed, such as, how often the wheelchair is used outside, how gently the wheelchair is being used, and what the weather conditions are like where the wheelchair is being used.

Should you go to a shop to get your wheelchair serviced?

Unfortunately some places account for you to take your wheelchair to the shop to get it serviced, but some will even come to you so that it can be serviced in the comfort of your own home. It all depends on your preference and ability. If you want to find out more about wheelchairs, or to have your wheelchair repaired or maintained, be sure to contact Medop cc today.
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