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Deciding on a quality product when facing mobility challenges.

When a person is in the market for personal care, a wheel chair, lifts and hoists, shower chairs, commodes or stretches, you looking for really good quality products. Ultimately something that will last a life time. A wheel chair offers many benefits such as social and mental health.

The types wheel chairs?

The market has a variety of wheel chairs, normal and custom. There are ones that require assistance and there are ones that can operate without any help. It will all boil down to what serves your needs best. Customized wheel chairs create comfort, personally built to your liking and mobility. It gives an individual a chance to enjoy activities they once couldn’t.

How to decide on the best wheel chair for you?

Firstly, always consult in a health practitioner, your personal care should be your number one priority. They will assist you in all you need to know, basics to advanced. Wheel chairs come in different sizes, everyone is different and will require different needs. Speak to an expert, ask as many questions as possible. How much weight a wheel chair holds will vary so keep that in mind. Always consult in a professional.

Secondly, your everyday lifestyle is completely different to your neighbour, things to consider; stairs, grass, the workplace, size of your house. In this case a wheel chair will need to be customized to your lifestyle. All these factors will make an impact on your decision and most importantly you.

How expensive are wheel chairs?

Standard wheel chairs will be much cheaper than custom ones. They vary from R1600 to R160 000. Again, it depends on a lot of factors. Checking as many reviews as possible and comparing prices will ultimately help you make a conscious decision. You only plan on buying a wheel chair once so make sure you aim for quality. Can you put a price on your personal health?

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Grab the Rail in The Time of Need

People from all walks of life have special needs when it comes to personal care. Many people need home care products to make sure that their safety is taken care of.

People who have had strokes, accidents and other reasons need grab rails fitted in their homes. Grab bars can be used all over your home like in: your bathroom, lounge and stairs. No matter how many rails you need, do not fight the extra support.

A grab bar is a device that helps you with balance and extra support that you need. Bars are there to support you and to re-ensure yourself.

You might have seen grab rails in paraplegic bathrooms, this is used for one’s balance and extra support.

Types of Grab Rails

You get all kinds of grab rails, but it depends on the person’s personal preference. These bars come in all different shapes, sizes and different types of materials used to design them.

This includes: angled grab rails, hinged grab rails, chrome or stainless steel grab rails and stileo suction grab rails.

Where Can You Use Grab Rails?

Grab rails are used all over, you just haven’t been vigilant enough to notice that they are all around you.

Grab bars and rails in a toilet – these are used to grab on and help you pull yourself up for extra support.

Grab bars in showers – this will ensure that you do not slip and fall. If you prefer, you can have two or three bars just in case you don’t feel safe with just one.

Grab rails in lounges – many people suffer with knee and back problems. Getting up from the chair or the couch is not an easy task to do. If you get a grab bar it will be much easier for you to grip on and pull yourself up.

Rails in hospitals – in hospitals, grab bars and rails are essential to have, because most people are sick and fatigue and just need that extra balance to stabilise themselves.

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Grab bars benefit you in many ways, balance is the main one, but they are there to re-ensure yourself and to help you move around your home safely.

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General Safety Precautions: Wheelchair Safety

Becoming independent after paraplegia is an important psychological process. Indeed, people with varying degrees of paraplegia (whether the result of an injury, a stroke or a genetic predisposition) can lead relatively independent and self-sufficient lifestyles. 

Why Is Safety Important?

With that being said, the possibility of altered to diminished sensations and altered to diminished movements in various body parts means that precautions need to be taken in order to maintain a high level of personal safety for the prevention of re-injury. Safety is also important in order to prevent prepositioning oneself to the susceptibility of various illnesses.

As such, we would like to do a series of articles on the various precautions that need to be taken in terms of wheelchair safety, home safety, sport and leisure safety, transfer safety as well as health related safety. 

Wheelchair Safety

It is important to ensure that your wheelchair or other mobility aids are functioning correctly and kept safe. This includes checking tires and ensuring that there is sufficient tread as well as air for safe traction so that there are no slipping issues when locks are applied. Avoid using wheel locks to slow the chair down once in motion as this may result in sudden stopping, which could throw you out of the chair. Lastly, always use your wheel locks when you are doing a transfer.

Caster Wheels, Hand Rims and Your Cushion

Caster wheels need to be kept forward-facing when transferring to ensure that the chair does not move sideways. File down rough areas on hand rims to prevent cutting or chaffing caused by jagged or sharp edges. Your cushion is important for the prevention of skin sores – make sure that it has adequate support and is free from holes and tears.

Looking for a Wheelchair?

There are many different kinds of wheelchairs that each have pros and cons. Choosing one that is suitable for your needs and lifestyle can be made easier by consulting experts in the field. For advice and more information, contact the team at Medop CC or visit their website. 

It is time to roll in

It is time to roll in! You know when you pay a visit to the hospital and you see those wheelchairs just sitting neatly packed in the corner and you try to resist every urge to go around for a spin. I know I have, there is just something about wheelchairs that has always intrigued me, let us face it, it is kind of cool having our own wheels. There are some pretty awesome factors when it comes to wheelchairs in South Africa, we can never get tired because we can chill while getting the very day chores done and we have really good upper body strength, I mean just look at those guns. 

Through thick and thin

Let us face it, the reason for the need of a wheelchair may not always be a very nice one. In life we all have those days where luck just has not been on our side. Whether it may have developed, needed for a disability aids or it has been caused by an accident. We always need to find a way to take all the bad and turn it to good. As my mom always said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe knew that you were going to be one heck of a runner and Usain bolt would not be able to handle the lightning bolts coming from those feet. Whatever the reason may be, embrace those wheels! It is like having a mini car but with the added advantage of being able to drive indoors, now who would not want that?

Time to get things rolling 

If it is time to get an upgrade on those wheels, get a new form of aid or maybe it is just a new need that has arose. Whatever that cause for a wheelchair may be one can find everything they need at Medop cc. Get a hold of them at their Tel: +27(11) 827-5893/4/5 or email at:

A Mobility that Fits Your Specific Needs

Wheelchairs have become a way of mobilization that millions of people depend on. In today’s market, there are a variety of types that focus on different functionalities and have advantages as well as disadvantages. When choosing a wheelchair, it is important to consider the type of terrain and obstructions it will need to be able to manoeuvre as well as the comfort, size and ease of transport of the chair.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs contain no motorized components which serve to make them lighter for transport purposes, easier to manoeuvre (with fewer accessibility issues) and more reliable in terms of their specific operations.

Accordingly, they are also less expensive than their motorised counterparts, with the added benefit of providing a means for exercise on a daily basis. Other complications such as sore wrists, shoulders and elbows can arise after long-term use from self-propelling.


Scooters do not resemble wheelchairs, which in itself is an advantage for some. They come equipped with swivel seats which can make transfers to and from the scooter substantially easier. Scooters have a wide mobility range and an increased endurance without the need for amplified exertion. The downside to scooters is that they require charging and are less flexible when it comes to modifications for physical comfort.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs offer a greater opportunity for those who struggle with mobility to readjust their seating positions, leading to a more comfortable experience and pressure relief from being seated for long periods. They have the ability to recline as well, which further sets them apart from other wheelchairs. They are a wonderful solution for those with limited mobility, but they can be difficult to transport and costlier.

A Solution that Keeps You Moving

Looking for a solution that will be the best fit for your lifestyle and environment? It can be difficult to sift through all of the available information; let one of the experienced consultants at Medop cc assist you, or visit their website for more information.

Bringing Adventure to Your Life

Working Towards Your Goals

Another misconception is that all people in wheelchairs are invalid and that they are not able to participate in many activities. When this is not the reality of many disabled people. The truth is, that there are disabled people that are more active than a large number of abled body people.

The unfortunate reality is that people have this misconception that people in a wheelchair cannot live the life that able-bodied people are able to have. Or if someone has recently been paralysed, they do not realise that they can continue to live life the way that they want to, despite the challenges that they may be facing.
The reality is that with the right set of wheels, you can continue to live, or even begin a life of fun and adventure. A wheelchair is not a death sentence, and you are not limited.

There are still many ways that disabled people can and do achieve their goals, where it is fitness, being out and active in nature, travelling, taking their dog for a walk or even just living a life of independence. It is still possible to continue to work on your goals, whether they are new goals or life long goals.

The Right Set of Wheels

The right set of wheels can make the biggest difference in how you live your life and how you achieve your goals. There are a variety of specially designed wheelchairs that have the purpose of letting you live your life the way you want to. There are chairs for sports and active lifestyles, as well as off-road designs. This is great to enjoy life the way that you want to while still being comfortable. The success comes in when the design allows you to enjoy the mobility you need while ensuring that you are still safe and stable.


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Importance of Servicing a Wheelchair

What to Consider When Servicing a Wheelchair

For many people, the security of a reliable mobility device such as a wheelchair is an essential need in their lives, and for these people and their caregivers, knowing what to do when servicing a wheelchair, as well as knowing when to have it done, is a crucial task of theirs. Upkeep is important for wheelchairs and their operators, since a breakdown can be a wholly harrowing affair for anyone reliant on them. So to help you take the stress out of ensuring their lifespan, here are a few key considerations to make when looking to service your mobility device.

Determining How Often a Service is Needed

The frequency at which you will need to service your wheelchair will depend almost entirely on how you use it, and the daily conditions it has to face. In short, the more active you are, the sooner the wheelchair will need a service. To help you determine the right time for yourself, ask these questions:

How often is the wheelchair used outside?

When being used in outdoor spaces, wheelchairs tackle some tough terrain, collect debris and dirt, and generally take strain. If you are taking yours outdoors on a regular basis, then it is best to service it as often and as regularly as possible.

How gently is the wheelchair used?

The way that you use your wheelchair will also have an effect on how long you need to wait for a service. If you tend to ride it with gusto, then you will definitely need to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. If however, you use it fairly gently, you could probably get away with a little more time.

What are the weather conditions like where it is used?

Weather conditions, especially where the wheelchair is used outside, will also effect the frequency at which maintenance should be conducted on it. If for instance, it is consistently raining where you live, your wheelchair will take a beating over time from this, in which case you should pay close attention to maintenance.

Should You go to the Shop or Have a Technician Come to You?

The unique characteristics and challenges of your lifestyle might make it difficult for you to take your wheelchair to a shop to be serviced. Fortunately, many of them account for this and may even come to you so that it can be serviced in the comfort of your own home. This decision will have a lot to do with your preference and ability however.

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