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Choosing the correct patient hoist

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A patient hoist or patient lift is a device that assists in the transfer of persons with mobility impairments from one location to another, for example, from a bed to a wheelchair.

Types of hoists

Patient hoists can be mobile, wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling, running on overhead tracks.

Sling lift

A sling lift is a patient hoist that allows heavy patients to be moved with less stress on caregivers. It also reduces the number of people required to move a patient and limits the risk of injury to both patients and caregivers.

The sling

A sling is a specialised size of material, usually made from woven nylon or cotton, placed under the patient to hold their weight while suspended in the air. This fabric is attached to the patient hoist through several hooks or clips.

One limitation of most slings is that they tend to compress the patient during transfer. This could be painful, depending on the patient’s condition. Some slings feature split leg straps that offer excellent body support, provided the patient has good neck and head control.

Other slings are designed for extra support and comfort with integral head support.

There are also walking slings that are attached to patient hoists to help with gait training. These slings have soft underarm padding to provide the patient support and comfort during rehabilitation.

Sit-to-stand lift

This patient hoist is designed to help individuals with some mobility who lack the strength or muscle control to move into a standing position from a seated position.

Wheeled hoists

Wheeled patient hoists are free-standing devices to support the person being moved in a sling or harness. The sling is placed around the person and then hoisted up and wheeled to the new location, where the person is then lowered down.

Patient hoist and patient lift options from Medop CC

Medop CC prides itself on the quality and affordability of its specialised personal care products and range of patient hoists and patient lifts. This range includes:

  • A compact patient lift designed to fold and unfold without the need for tools.
  • A compact power patient hoist that offers maximum manoeuvrability in the homecare environment.
  • A manual hydraulic patient hoist for easy patient transfer.
  • A stainless-steel outdoor pool hoist that allows for independent operation.

To find out more about our products, get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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