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Choosing the right raised toilet seat or safety rails

For those with limited mobility or recovering from surgery, safety in the bathroom is a top priority. Handrails and raised toilet seats are critical bathroom safety solutions for these individuals.

Choosing safety rails or raised toilet seats

When selecting bathroom safety aids for your home, consider the following factors.

Raised toilet seat or safety rails?

First, you should choose between a raised toilet seat and a safety rail based on your needs. A raised toilet seat adds height, whereas safety rails only offer leverage when sitting or standing. In addition, if your range of motion is limited, a raised toilet seat will reduce the distance necessary to bend.

Typically, a standard raised toilet seat design adds about 12 cm to your toilet seat and includes padded handrails to help you stand and sit.

Toilet shape and dimensions

Ensure the raised toilet seat or safety rail you select will fit the size and shape of your toilet bowl.

Safety rails

Safety rails provide a firm grip and a sturdy design and are a dependable way to get extra support when getting on and off the toilet. Modern safety rails are made from aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel as well as plastic that will not rust in moist bathroom environments. Although their size may not always be practical, they are a good option for many bathrooms. If you already have wall-mounted grab bars or aren’t concerned about balance, going without handrails may be a better option.

Added height

Toilet seat risers add extra height to the toilet, making transfers much more manageable, especially for those with weak knees or limited range of motion.

Weight capacity

Get a bathroom safety aid that easily supports your weight to ensure your safety and stability.


The most stability is provided by raised toilet seats, and safety rails bolted to the toilet seat. While a standalone safety rail offers adequate support, the user must be mobile enough to operate without knocking it out of place or tipping it over.

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