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Deciding on a quality product when facing mobility challenges.

When a person is in the market for personal care, a wheel chair, lifts and hoists, shower chairs, commodes or stretches, you looking for really good quality products. Ultimately something that will last a life time. A wheel chair offers many benefits such as social and mental health.

The types wheel chairs?

The market has a variety of wheel chairs, normal and custom. There are ones that require assistance and there are ones that can operate without any help. It will all boil down to what serves your needs best. Customized wheel chairs create comfort, personally built to your liking and mobility. It gives an individual a chance to enjoy activities they once couldn’t.

How to decide on the best wheel chair for you?

Firstly, always consult in a health practitioner, your personal care should be your number one priority. They will assist you in all you need to know, basics to advanced. Wheel chairs come in different sizes, everyone is different and will require different needs. Speak to an expert, ask as many questions as possible. How much weight a wheel chair holds will vary so keep that in mind. Always consult in a professional.

Secondly, your everyday lifestyle is completely different to your neighbour, things to consider; stairs, grass, the workplace, size of your house. In this case a wheel chair will need to be customized to your lifestyle. All these factors will make an impact on your decision and most importantly you.

How expensive are wheel chairs?

Standard wheel chairs will be much cheaper than custom ones. They vary from R1600 to R160 000. Again, it depends on a lot of factors. Checking as many reviews as possible and comparing prices will ultimately help you make a conscious decision. You only plan on buying a wheel chair once so make sure you aim for quality. Can you put a price on your personal health?

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