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General Safety Precautions: Wheelchair Safety

Becoming independent after paraplegia is an important psychological process. Indeed, people with varying degrees of paraplegia (whether the result of an injury, a stroke or a genetic predisposition) can lead relatively independent and self-sufficient lifestyles. 

Why Is Safety Important?

With that being said, the possibility of altered to diminished sensations and altered to diminished movements in various body parts means that precautions need to be taken in order to maintain a high level of personal safety for the prevention of re-injury. Safety is also important in order to prevent prepositioning oneself to the susceptibility of various illnesses.

As such, we would like to do a series of articles on the various precautions that need to be taken in terms of wheelchair safety, home safety, sport and leisure safety, transfer safety as well as health related safety. 

Wheelchair Safety

It is important to ensure that your wheelchair or other mobility aids are functioning correctly and kept safe. This includes checking tires and ensuring that there is sufficient tread as well as air for safe traction so that there are no slipping issues when locks are applied. Avoid using wheel locks to slow the chair down once in motion as this may result in sudden stopping, which could throw you out of the chair. Lastly, always use your wheel locks when you are doing a transfer.

Caster Wheels, Hand Rims and Your Cushion

Caster wheels need to be kept forward-facing when transferring to ensure that the chair does not move sideways. File down rough areas on hand rims to prevent cutting or chaffing caused by jagged or sharp edges. Your cushion is important for the prevention of skin sores – make sure that it has adequate support and is free from holes and tears.

Looking for a Wheelchair?

There are many different kinds of wheelchairs that each have pros and cons. Choosing one that is suitable for your needs and lifestyle can be made easier by consulting experts in the field. For advice and more information, contact the team at Medop CC or visit their website. 

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