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Importance of Servicing a Wheelchair

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What to Consider When Servicing a Wheelchair

For many people, the security of a reliable mobility device such as a wheelchair is an essential need in their lives, and for these people and their caregivers, knowing what to do when servicing a wheelchair, as well as knowing when to have it done, is a crucial task of theirs. Upkeep is important for wheelchairs and their operators, since a breakdown can be a wholly harrowing affair for anyone reliant on them. So to help you take the stress out of ensuring their lifespan, here are a few key considerations to make when looking to service your mobility device.

Determining How Often a Service is Needed

The frequency at which you will need to service your wheelchair will depend almost entirely on how you use it, and the daily conditions it has to face. In short, the more active you are, the sooner the wheelchair will need a service. To help you determine the right time for yourself, ask these questions:

How often is the wheelchair used outside?

When being used in outdoor spaces, wheelchairs tackle some tough terrain, collect debris and dirt, and generally take strain. If you are taking yours outdoors on a regular basis, then it is best to service it as often and as regularly as possible.

How gently is the wheelchair used?

The way that you use your wheelchair will also have an effect on how long you need to wait for a service. If you tend to ride it with gusto, then you will definitely need to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. If however, you use it fairly gently, you could probably get away with a little more time.

What are the weather conditions like where it is used?

Weather conditions, especially where the wheelchair is used outside, will also effect the frequency at which maintenance should be conducted on it. If for instance, it is consistently raining where you live, your wheelchair will take a beating over time from this, in which case you should pay close attention to maintenance.

Should You go to the Shop or Have a Technician Come to You?

The unique characteristics and challenges of your lifestyle might make it difficult for you to take your wheelchair to a shop to be serviced. Fortunately, many of them account for this and may even come to you so that it can be serviced in the comfort of your own home. This decision will have a lot to do with your preference and ability however.

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