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It is time to roll in

It is time to roll in! You know when you pay a visit to the hospital and you see those wheelchairs just sitting neatly packed in the corner and you try to resist every urge to go around for a spin. I know I have, there is just something about wheelchairs that has always intrigued me, let us face it, it is kind of cool having our own wheels. There are some pretty awesome factors when it comes to wheelchairs in South Africa, we can never get tired because we can chill while getting the very day chores done and we have really good upper body strength, I mean just look at those guns. 

Through thick and thin

Let us face it, the reason for the need of a wheelchair may not always be a very nice one. In life we all have those days where luck just has not been on our side. Whether it may have developed, needed for a disability aids or it has been caused by an accident. We always need to find a way to take all the bad and turn it to good. As my mom always said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe knew that you were going to be one heck of a runner and Usain bolt would not be able to handle the lightning bolts coming from those feet. Whatever the reason may be, embrace those wheels! It is like having a mini car but with the added advantage of being able to drive indoors, now who would not want that?

Time to get things rolling 

If it is time to get an upgrade on those wheels, get a new form of aid or maybe it is just a new need that has arose. Whatever that cause for a wheelchair may be one can find everything they need at Medop cc. Get a hold of them at their Tel: +27(11) 827-5893/4/5 or email at:

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