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Wheelchair types

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To ensure you choose the right type of wheelchair for your needs, we’ve rounded up a short description of different types of wheelchairs.

Aisle wheelchair

An aisle chair is a common assistive wheelchair model used to help people with mobility limitations board aeroplanes with greater ease. They are narrower than standard wheelchairs and have multiple straps to secure the user completely.

All-terrain wheelchair

This wheelchair model is designed to safely travel over rough terrains like dirt, grass, gravel, and sand. Although these outdoor wheelchairs are available in manual and power models, users shouldn’t be left unsupervised. Its oversized balloon-type wheels enhance the wheelchair’s manoeuvrability and stability.

Bariatric wheelchair

This is a heavy-duty wheelchair model designed for heavier people weighing more than 150kg. It is generally usually constructed from reinforced steel or aluminium. Main features include wider and sturdier seats that may tilt for greater comfort.

Ergonomic wheelchair

This wheelchair model is specifically designed to support the natural contours of the human body. As a result, they are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. However, their main benefit is reducing or preventing pressure points or discomfort by redistributing the user’s weight.

High-back reclining wheelchair

The high-back reclining wheelchair model has a back that’s higher than that of a standard wheelchair. It enables the user to recline to a 180-degree position from a sitting angle to improve comfort and circulation.

Lightweight wheelchair

This wheelchair weighs just over 20 kilograms and is usually made from aluminium. Users find these models easier to manoeuvre, and their simple portability makes them ideal for vehicle transport.

Manual (self-propelled) wheelchair

The most common type of wheelchair allows the user to propel themselves. In addition, it can also be pushed by a companion or caregiver. Key features include larger rear wheels and attendant handles.

Paediatric wheelchair

Paediatric wheelchairs are designed to offer mobility assistance for children. They come in various sizes, styles, and formats.

Pool wheelchair

This wheelchair model is constructed from non-corrosive materials to avoid breakdown due to water, sunlight, and humidity. In addition, they will dry quickly and not leave any marks on the flooring. These wheelchairs allow for easy access to pool and spa facilities.

Power wheelchair

For individuals who are unable to use manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs are the perfect solution. They use battery systems and electric motors to move.

Sports wheelchair

This specialised category covers a range of frame configurations that are formatted to meet the demands of different sports. They are robust to withstand athletic applications but lightweight for better manoeuvrability.

Stand-up wheelchair

A stand-up wheelchair allows wheelchair users to stand safely, thanks to innovative technology. It is best suited to people with mild to severe disabilities who may need to transition from sitting to standing without caregiver assistance.

Tilt-in-space wheelchair

This wheelchair offers excellent pressure relief by redistributing the wheelchair user’s weight.

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